Not yet familiar with car diagnostic systems?

If you never worked with a diagnostic tool before, you can read the basic information below. Here is a brief explanation of what the options are and how a diagnostic tool works.

How an iCarsoft scanner can diagnosis your car

When a fault occurs in a car, a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) will be created automatically. This DTC is stored in the on-board computer of the vehicle. The iCarsoft scanners can communicate with the onboard computer and read DTC's. Is there a DTC present, the iCarsoft scanner displays this DTC with it's description on the display. The DTC can also be removed from the onboard computer so the warning light on the dashboard will disappear.

Communication between the iCarsoft scanner and the car

OBD (On-board diagnostics) software will be used to diagnose a car. The first OBD software is developed early 80's in the United States. Car manufacturers all developed their own software, called OBD1. Since 1996 we work with OBD2 software, the manufacturers all use the same software and all car brands can be diagnosed with it. By using the same software it has become possible for individuals to diagnose their own car. Previously there was only diagnostic tools available for garages, because the software was so expensive. Learn more about OBD >>


Is there an iCarsoft scanner for my car?

Select a car brand at the right of this page to get a overview of iCarsoft scanners for that brand. To search for universal scanners select OBD2.

Unsure which product is right for you or do you have any additional questions about the iCarsoft products? On our contact page you can get in touch with us in different ways. Feel free to ask for advise!


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