icarsoft CR Genius CR Genius icarsoft CR Genius tablet icarsoft CR Genius packaging
icarsoft CR Genius CR Genius icarsoft CR Genius tablet icarsoft CR Genius packaging
iCarsoft CR Genius
iCarsoft CR Genius offers diagnostics for over 40 vehicle brands.
€ 289,95
Price per unit


Tool information

  • 5-inch LCD display (1280x720 resolution)
  • Physical button operation
  • Touch Screen operation
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Software updates directly on device
  • Feedback to iCarsoft engineers directly on device
  • Multi-language: English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch


  • Full OBDII/EOBD function
  • Read ECU (Electronic Control Unit) inormation from all systems
  • Read and Clear DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) from all systems
  • Read Live Data
  • Read and Clear Freeze Frame
  • Battery Voltage Test
  • Auto VIN vehicle detection

Service Functions

  • Actuation/Bi-directional test
  • OIL | Oil Reset Service
  • EPB | Electronic Parking Brake Service
  • BMS | Battery Management System Service
  • ETC | Electronic Throttle Control Service
  • SAS | Steering Angle Sensor Calibration Service
  • DPF | Diesel Particulate Filter Service
  • BLD | ABS Bleeding Service
  • INJ | Injector Coding Service
  • TPMS | Tyre Pressure Monitor System Service



Professional diagnostic tool iCarsoft CR Genius covers more than 40 vehicle makes.
Acura - Alfa Romeo - Audi - BMW - Chrysler - Citroën - Dacia - Daewoo - Fiat - Ford (AU, EU and US) - General Motors - Holden - Honda - Hyundai - Infinity - Isuzu - Jaguar - Kia - Lancia - Land Rover - Lexus - Mazda - Mercedes Benz (incl. Sprinter) - MINI - Mitsubishi - Nissan - Opel - Peugeot - Porsche - Renault - Saab - Scion - Seat - Skoda - Smart - Subaru - Suzuki - Toyota - Vauxhall - Volkswagen - Volvo


iCarsoft CR Genius is equipped with diagnostic software for more than 40 car brands. The software supports models from 1996 and newer and communicates with ALL AVAILABLE ECU'S to provide a complete report of the car's status. CR Genius READS DTC'S to help you determine why the warning light is on. CLEAR DTC'S and TURN OFF THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. When needed, this powerfull diagnostic tool displays LIVE DATA in text, colour graph or analog for easy review of the PCM datastream. When a faultcode occurs, certain vehicle condition are recorded and labeled as FREEZE FRAME DATA, you can read and clear this data. iCarsoft CR Genius performs some special tests, such as I/M READINESS TEST, O2 SENSOR TEST, EVAP SYSTEM TEST and BATTERY TEST. Use AUTO VIN to automatically identify model and year information in no time. Auto VIN is not supported for all cars, if not supported select the vehicle information manualy.


Oil Light / Service Reset
Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) | System maintenance, deactivate and reactivate the EPB system for replacement and initialization.
Battery Management System (BMS) | Register new battery to the BMS while battery replacement.
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) | Regeneration control system, requests the DPF regeneration process while DPF blockage and turn off the DPF indicator.
ABS Bleeding | Release the air to restore ABS brake sensitivity, or relearn while ABS replaced.
Electronic Throttle Control system (ETC) | Relearn the throttle va value while clear or replace the throttle valve.
Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) | Calibrate the steering wheel to straight ahead, or recalibrate SAS while steering part replacement.
Injector coding | relearn the injector control parameter while the injector renewed or replaced.
TPMS | Function include displaying sensor IDs from the vehicle`s ECU, inputting TPMS sensor replacement lD and testing sensors.
Actuation Test / Bidirectory Test | Used to access vehicle-specific subsystem and component tests.


* CR Genius diagnostic tool
* OBDII/EOBD cable
* USB-cable
* Power adapter
* User Manual
* Instructions
Optional adapters:
* Sprinter 14 PIN adapter